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Machine Vision

Machine vision utilizes digital camera technology to inspect products and control manufacturing processes accurately and reliably.

Fully integrated into a production line, vision systems automatically scan and analyze various product characteristics (such as defects, size, distribution, density), and guide robotic handling.

Machine vision is all about smart systems, they are the watchful eye of your production process. Self-teaching and cleverly adaptable, they communicate with every other step along the manufacturing process.

Smart Components

Machine vision combines the latest imaging and processing components with industrial-rated hardware and software:

  • Smart Camera: Robust, high-speed and hard-wearing, the camera captures high-resolution images for processing.
  • Customized User Interface: For production setup and real-time monitoring of scanning results. 
  • Tailored Software: For upgrading, configuring, logging data and tracking trends.

Focus on

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Peak your production performance.

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Automate and optimize with new technology.

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Isolate and minimize production defects.

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