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Machine Vision

Machine vision technology is well established for quality inspection, production control and process optimization. 

Scanning systems, smart cameras and robotics have become smarter. Advances like machine-to-machine communication, artificial intelligence and autonomous robots mark the next step of this ever-evolving technology.


  • Improve grading performance: Scanning technology is becoming even faster and more reliable. The need for manual quality control and grading has been eliminated – increasing grading accuracy up to 98% while reducing labour costs.
  • Fully automate production: Integration with robotics is improving production flow, enabling automated inspection, grading and handling at high-speed.

  • Isolate and resolve production problems: Vision systems  collect data and monitor trends to help identify where and when problems and inefficiencies are occurring.
  • Optimize production in real-time: Combine data with machine learning and robotic automation to get smart machines that automatically adjust to minimize a defect, or send out alerts for maintenance.
  • Enable flexible, adaptive production lines: The future points to artificially-intelligent cameras that teach themselves how to scan and grade a new product without re-programming.

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Peak your production performance.

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Automate and optimize with new technology.

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Isolate and minimize production defects.

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