Achieve up to:

PERCENT & greater grading accuracy

Defect repair quality (1mm)

T&G Position detection (0.5mm)
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Sharpen your competitive edge

Engineering plywood is a complex process. With more affordable, fast-turnaround alternatives like OSB on the rise, the need to optimize is crucial to spearhead a competitive industry.

By integrating automated robotics and vision systems, there’s plenty of scope to streamline production and eliminate manual handling. This means faster, more accurate processing, reduced costs, and a more competitive end-product.

How can it help you?

Vision systems can be set up to inspect, grade, repair and sort plywood, including:

  • Face and back scanning, visual 2D and 3D defects
  • Edge scanning for panel layup defects, voids or delamination
  • Dimensional scanning for width, length and squareness
  • Tongue-and-groove fit
  • Scanning for robotic routing and repair
  • Guiding robotic movements for precise sorting and stacking
  • Collecting data on defect trends to isolate production line problems

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Success stories: Plywood

Vision technology and robotic integration has accelerated achievements in plywood scanning. including:  final 2D and 3D face grading,  layup edge scanning, tongue & groove profiles and automated rout and repair.

Future Technology

In the ever-evolving machine vision industry agile trends like machine-learning and artificial intelligence point the way.

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