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Sander Defects (3mm)
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Cost-Effectiveness drives yield

Production defects can significantly impact particleboard / MDF quality. In a cost-driven industry, machine vision can be used to inspect panels for quality control and grading, allowing your production to operate a superior speed and greater consistency compared to manual graders.

A smart scanning system collects crucial information on when and where defects are occuring in production. These trends help minimize or eliminate defects and identify critical improvements.

How can it help you?

Vision systems can be set up at various points to monitor, inspect and grade particleboard and MDF, including:

  • Face and back scanning for defects
  • Checking for broken corners or rough edges
  • Dimensional scanning for width, length and squareness
  • Edge scanning for thickness, and density quality and consistency
  • Wood fiber and resin mix distribution and consistency
  • Indent / outdent impressions
  • Collecting data on defect trends to isolate production line problems

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Future Technology

In the ever-evolving machine vision industry agile trends like machine-learning and artificial intelligence point the way.

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